Research and Publications

The Youth Engagement Partnership is commited to continuous improvement and research into the field of education research. 

EEP continues to work with  The Victoria Institute in order to strive for best practice and the provision of positve outcomes for young people who are diengaged or at risk of disengaging from education employment and training.

EEP Policy & Directions Statement: Working together for positive outcomes for vulnerable children and young people 2012
The EEP Policy & Direction statement was developed by the Youth Research Centre (YRC) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne).
The Policy and Directions Statement includes guiding principles, reference to the evidence-base underpinning EEP’s work with young people at risk or already disengaged from education, training or employment, and a clear policy statement which articulates a commitment to improved outcomes for all young people at risk of disengagement. The Directions component provides an overview of the characteristics of ‘best practice’ models and acknowledges current strategies already being utilised by participating schools.
EEP Ethical Practice Guide 2013
The EEP Ethical Practice Guide was authored by Jessica Lawrence EEP Project Officer in consultation with the Victoria Institute - Victoria University, the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVIC) and Youth Law.

The EEP Ethical Practice Guide is intended to guide data collection and research conducted by the workers and agencies involved in the Education Engagement Partnership.


The EEP collects data concerning children and young people aged 10 -19, who are either disengaged or at risk of disengaging from education, employment and training across the cities of Stonnington and Port Phillip. The EEP considers that collaboration with individuals, professionals, service providers and academic colleagues concerned with children can lead to better outcomes for children and young people.

 *If you would like to access either of these documents please go to Contact and email a request to the EEP Project Officer.